What’s up guys. Today makes a full week of me being here in Italy. Already seen so much, still have a few more to go. When traveling in Italy,the first thing that catches my attention is ART. Weather it being a historic place built hundred’s of years ago or a simple graffiti bomb painted on a highway the night before. Today I traveled down to a town called “quarto” and attend a event called “Step into a world vol 2”. This event was presented by beta36 and a.s.d quarto grad.The event featured many of the top graffiti artists from around the Naples area,they all came out to show their styles and have a good time. This was my very first time meeting some local writers from the Naples area.each one of them had some wicked styles and really got down. Here are a few pictures of the event and what I captured and witnessed live. This was truly a great experience.


Angelo Lopez


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