Hi everyone, how’s your day going? Still on the road exploring and finding new locations to shoot. While traveling on the highway near Quarto, I discovered a what looks to be an abandoned amusement park. This place was called “Magic World”. It kinda reminds you a little of Disney land with a water park inside, Ferris wheel, log ride, roller coaster and other cool rides. This place seem to only be opened in the summer time from June -September. But stopping at this place on a hot Saturday afternoon in June, seeing the parking lot completely empty, the landscaping near the rides hasn’t been kept up and everything was locked. This place was no longer in business. As we walk closer to a gate to jump over, I noticed a security car fly by. We stop take cover and wait a few minutes. As we continue to proceed jumping the fence a security guard slowly walks by. He doesn’t see us. But to avoid getting arrested for trespassing or breaking and entering we decide to get in the car and head out. I still wondering if maybe I would’ve told the security guard that I’m a photo journalist from Southern California, maybe he would’ve let us explore the inside. But carrying my camera equipment,pictures I have taken I couldn’t afford to have it confiscate. I guess the mystery will always be in the back of my head of what was left inside of the amusement park. Here’s a few pics I took out side.


Angelo Lopez

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