Growing up as a kid in the early 80’s you often remember things that stood out or really got your attention. Having a neighbor with huge antennas sticking up on the side of his house and being able to chat with people in different states and countries with a click of a button was one of them. CB radios always got my attention when growing up as a kid. Remembering family trips with relatives that had them in the cars was one thing I’ll never forget

30 some years later ,Today I attended the 14 annual Long Beach DX club memorial weekend CB break in Long Beach California. This was my very first CB gathering I been to. Pulling up all you see is these huge antennas on the roofs of the vehicles. Some that were competing in the shoot out competition had multiple. After meeting my friend Tijuana mama for the first time in person, she was nice enough to introduce me to some very cool people . Some lived 10 minutes away from me ,some drove hours to attend this event. With deep fried catfish plates being served, raffles, tons of CB Equipment for sale and CB shoot outs with different categories,  this event was one not to miss.

I really had a great time and can’t wait to attend the next many nice people to chat with that all share the same interest. Not to mention seeing the CB shoot out for the first time was something to see. The power these vehicles put out  and the setups they run is truly amazing.Hats off to Long Beach DX club for putting together one helluva CB break   I can’t wait for the next one. Here’s a few pics from today’s CB break enjoy  image image image image image image image image image image image image image


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