Each month I plan to feature a known artist. People that are passionate about what they do. From music, art,performer etc.  This month we feature south Italy’s CEIÉK.  I met CEIÉK a few months back near Naples Italy when I was on vacation. We hung out chatted at a local graffiti event. One of the koolest persons you’ll meet with a very massive graffiti style.   Here’s a interview I did with CEIÉK and how got started and experiences from being a known graffiti artist in south Italy.  (All pics provided by the artist)imageimage

Graffiti name: “CEIEK” aka Cherokee aka Puro-1

Age: 26

City you represent: Naples – South Italy

How is Graffiti in your city:  Naples is a city rich in history, culture, art and magnificent landscapes: urban and natural. But it is also a difficult city to live with a petty crime that makes life hard and in this mix of emotions that creates the ideal situation for the development of a movement such as Hip-Hop and even more element of “Graffiti”. In Naples there are many writers of international caliber artists like me who come from the street and try to express themselves every day through spray cans often in poor, gray urban settings.

How long you been writing:  I started to paint wall when i was 16 but i follow and study Hip-Hop culture since i was 12. With my crew BETA36 i walk this street since 10 years and there are many more in front of us. B36 ain’t nutting da F**k with!!!

How you got started writing:  As I stated in some places in my town, especially in the suburbs and province, life is not easy: there is little work, a few places to play in peace without meeting shady characters. for a young boy the street is the only place to meet and where one learns to live in a very raw and direct way. Luckily I met the hip hop taught me to channel certain shortcomings and conpensarle with art: in my case Graffiti saved my life!

What cities you write in:  i was in a lot of city around my wonderful country (By the way NAPLES IS THE BEST!!!) an in Europe too: i was in Rome, centre and province, Milan, Venice and Bologna and in Barcelona, Paris, Nantes, Amsterdam, Insbruck. i hope to travel again and again.

What crew or crews you rep: BETA36 CLICK is my main crew, my second family with MONK, RAZE, SCAM, REZOR, HOAS and SIZE1.

What do you like about writing: It’s my life! i like to study the letters to perfect the style, I like spray cans as a tool to paint, I like the adrenaline when we go to write our name on steel, I love hip-hop culture from which comes the “writing element”.

Describe your graffiti style: I was born as a bomber: no matter how you write your name and the name of the crew that I represent: as long as you do it! So the throw-up was the technique I prefer. Later, growing up, I studied the wild-style of pioneers and I began to develop my letters. Today there is internet that bombards us with news and pictures (not as in the 90s) so many styles are often copies of earlier artists, and are similar to each other: I personally have always tried some originality, something that would express really myself, my person and therefore not using graffiti as a means to get fame or get in that round that now is becoming a business losing sight of the true values of culture and the movement like friendship, unity, love, sharing, being all together having fun. Rather it seems that in the event the writers are put on display as in some art galleries.

Have you been in a magazine:  Yes in “Ostile web-vanzine” and in some magazine of my homies.

Do you enjoy to paint steel or walls more:  I love painting. on the wall or metal no difference for me even if maybe you are on surfaces and in different places. Probably the steel is more satisfying because you will see your work to turn the whole city!

What Places you would like to paint in:  there are many more! I would still travel to Europe: I’d like to go to Prague, Budapest, and Berlin that I have not visited yet; and why not one day also visit the STATES: cities like LOS ANGELES, BOSTON, SAN FRANCISCO! but my dream is one: to paint the NEW YORK subway!!! ahahahah!!

Where do you see writing in the future: in a DISPLAY!

A special shout-out to Angelo Lopez,(Rest Easy photography) great person and great kick-ass photographer, for giving me this opportunity to express myself and tell to you all a few stories from the streets of Naples. HIP-HOP LIVES!!! STAY REAL NEVER CHANGE!!! SUUUUPPPP !!!!!!!  image image image image imageimageimage

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