Hi everyone still here in Italy eating good and exploring new places or not so new places. On this mission we decided to visit Sorrento and explore the Amalfi coast. A 50 kilometer stretch along the southern edge of Italy’s sorrentine peninsula in the Campania region. This place is amazing and unique. If you enjoy crystal clear blue water in the summer and ancient houses literally on the cliffs above the water,You would enjoy this place.
We started at one end and cruised the whole coast down. The two lane road is very small with hardly any places to park. Most of the locals ride Vespa’s and other motorcycles because of the easy access for parking. The road is curvy with a few straight stretches. Every turn you make on the road you look back and see a beautiful sight. From ancient houses on the cliffs to nice crystal clear blue water. Tons of restaurants on the coast,Serving the best Italian food and seafood, to freshly squeezed lemonade made on the side of the road. If you re a water person ,enjoy swimming,fine dining,a boat ride for a few hours or just wanna get out and explore ,this place is truly a place to visit in your lifetime. Enjoy the pics in the mean time ,wile I continue to explore the coast of Italy.
Ciao -Rest easy-

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