When staying in Italy I always try to visit as many places as possible. I always admire the historic places. But when traveling city to city I always keep a eye out for graffiti art work. Going down the highway or riding the subway train my eyes are always open. Growing up I always admired the skills,styles and techniques each individual graffiti artist has. The self expression of artwork a individual wants to share with everyone to see on a wall or on a subway train.
I meet up with a few local artists and friends I met online through a friend I met the last time I was in Italy. We meet for the first time in person at a local graffiti art spot. It felt like I known these artists a life time. Very generous and welcomed me very well. I will never forgot how happy I felt meeting these guys for the first time in person. So kind and generous to me.

This particular wall is legal, which means artists have permission to share your art work on the wall. This wall had many different styles and techniques as well as some very nice characters painted by local artists. From wild styles, genuine old school you name it. This location had some really cool artwork as well as some very artistic artists.
It was such a awesome time to be able to witness and participate in the awesome graffiti art work done by local artist in this particular town. I never knew this town had such great graffiti artist. All I know is I plan to come back and hang out with this  group of artists next chance I get. I had such a wonderful time and experience that I will always remember as long as I live. Till next time mondragone grazie Mille .  image imageimage image imageimageimageimage

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