imageWhen traveling in Italy you can see so many historic places with so much history behind them. Since I’m near Napoli we decided to visit Pompeii. We woke up one morning packed some snacks and we headed to Pompeii. Once we arrived we purchased our tickets and walked into the gate. It was like a whole town that’s been stopped in time. As we walked down the Main Street that leads into the town, everywhere you looked was something historic, from the original paintings, hand made roads,casted human remains,sculptures,restaurants and rooms,the huge remaining of the amphitheater and forum,This place was truly a photo journalists paradise. We spent close to 6 hours exploring and walking Pompeii. In those 6 hours we only covered 2 of the 9 historic areas. It would probably take 3 or 4 days to see everything. But I had a great time. Till this day you can still see workers digging and searching to find more historic pieces and remainings of what hasn’t been discovered. I can’t wait to visit this place again and continue exploring the historic Pompeii. here’s a few pics ¬†enjoy ¬†-Rest easy –image

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